Green for St. Patrick’s Day

sunshine_girlsHappy St. Patrick’s Day! Everywhere you look, fun and unexpected foods and drinks have been turning green with celebration and excitement! Green Eggs and Ham, anyone? How about a green beer to toast the holiday? Or maybe a bright green cupcake with green frosting!

Unfortunately, the luck of the Irish doesn’t keep all of the coloring and dye from staining your teeth and fingers. Usually it only lasts for a short while, but there are plenty of things that can permanently stain your teeth. Coffee, wine and tobacco are just a few of the big teeth-staining items that can dramatically yellow and damage the appearance of your teeth. Rinsing your mouth after consuming staining foods and drink, and drinking coffee through a straw, can help protect your teeth from staining. If damage has already been done and you want to get your white smile back, talk to us about whitening options! From Zoom! to Veneers … we have many ways to whiten and brighten your smile.


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