Washington, Lincoln and Their Teeth

Vintage girl writing a letterHappy Birthday, Mr. President! Both the 1st and the 16th presidents celebrated their birthdays in February. While little is known about the state of Lincoln’s oral health (indeed no picture of the president smiling exists),Washington is rather famous for his wooden dentures. Or is he…?

It turns out, Washington didn’t have wooden teeth at all! Wood is one of very worst materials dentures can be made from – the bacteria in human saliva would break down the material and turn it to pulp. Instead, dentures of the 1700s were made out of porcelain, ivory and bone – both human and animal. Washington even kept some of his own pulled teeth with the hopes that they could be used for his dentures. Talk about resourceful!

Today’s dentures are made from plastic or porcelain and have a custom fit – unlike poor Washington’s. Here at Sunshine Dental, we have same-day repair, in case anything should happen to damage your dentures.

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